Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boom, 83!

That was my girl's score on the US History Regents Exam that I tutored her for. Yes, that means she passed. Mightily.

Here's the thing.

She passed by so much that she probably didn't really need the help. Right? I mean, how much difference could my flash cards have made when she cleared the bar with tons of room to spare?

Was I really such a poor evaluator of high school talent that I couldn't tell she was actually in pretty good shape, even when I was worried for her? Can high school kids be this dumb, even when they're successful? (Rhetorical.)

I suppose, on the other hand, my flash cards could've been so money that they lifted her from dismal to stellar. You really can't discount that possibility.

I'll never know exactly what questions she got right, but I'm excited to see the test questions when they come out online. For all I know, the essay question was like, "How tight was FDR?!"


Ara said...

Your FDR based drilling made ALL the difference, I believe it in my heart.

kunka. said...

Will the glass EVER be half full, Pasquini? Just one time? Please? Just one time!!

You need to move back to California for some sunshine. Even YOU couldn't find fault with that.

Oh that's right. Skin cancer. Waa Waaaaaah.

David said...

I spoke with one of my history friends in NY and I asked about the test after seeing the post. "Was there any essay question on FDR?"

"Yes, it was something like, 'How tight was FDR and the New Deal.'"

Yvonne said...

Actual Kunka, Dan DID find fault in the weather in California. He said when he lived in LA, he thought the weather was "overrated." He only now realizes it was "okay" after living on the East Coast. The only weather he actually likes: Visalia's brutally hot 100 degree summer days.

Dr. Emmie-poo said...

Did someone who tutors an adolescent really end a sentence with a preposition?

Come ON! (said in Will Arnet as Gob voice)