Sunday, February 20, 2011

Greeking Out

Remember that "100 Things" list, the one we started in October of '09, and which was supposed to last us one year? Yeah, well, slow but steady wins the race.

I don't know how many we've got left, but it's still enjoyable to do them together and cross another one off, as we did last night by dining on Greek food in Astoria. I'd never set foot in that nearby part of Queens, and Yvonne hadn't been there since 2003, when she went to check out the apartment of a work acquaintance who thought it might be a desirable place for Yvonne's then-new boyfriend who was moving from LA. So, it was good to acquaint ourselves a little with this part of the city, even on a night where the wind was howling at 60 mph (no joke).

We went out with my work friend Andrew and his wife Sarah to a little spot called Ovelia. Since having a baby 18 months ago, they said they've only gone out together on a Saturday night like four times, so we felt pretty special to get invited. It was a meat-heavy night -- apps of fried meatballs, rotisserie pork and homemade sausage, and then pork chops for Yvonne and lamb chops for me. Super tasty. And then there was dessert. Sarah was talked up as a fiend for sweets; she ordered cappuccino. Thankfully, we could count on our Yvonne, who polished off a deep-fried Snickers bar (it actually looked more like two, and drizzled with chocolate on top and whipped cream on the side, to boot). I had this bowl of "loukoumades" (fried dough balls) topped with Nutella and ice cream. It came served with four spoons -- I guess this was the warning that most people would want to share it. Well, I'm not most people.

Sorry folks no pictures.

(Also, we just saw The King's Speech. I highly recommend. Considerable emotion, and not in the schmaltzy ways you'd expect. And Colin Firth is out-of-this-world good.)

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David said...

Attaboy on the dessert.