Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday was on Groundhog's Day, so this weekend I went to NJ to celebrate. On Friday night, Mom and I baked a raspberry swirl cheesecake together and on Saturday, Annette joined us and we spent pretty much the entire day sitting at the kitchen table and eating. Annette and I were supposed to make a special meal for Mom but she beat us to it. We had quiche (from Annette),  tea sandwiches, fruit, seafood salad, punchki (Polish donuts) (all from Mom) and of course, raspberry cheesecake (from me).

Since it was a special occasion, Mom let me take some pictures of her (after she put her lipstick on, of course).

We laugh at my mom because she often makes a lopsided smile whenever she gets her picture taken, so she tried her hardest to keep a straight face here. I think she looks beautiful and regal, like she belongs on a the back of a coin.

My mom is 64 years old.

Since my sister and I were both in town, my dad stopped by to say hello. He agreed to pose for pictures, too, even though he was sick with a cold.

Dad told me that I seemed more happy now than he's ever seen me. (Perhaps marriage suits me?) He also said he's ready for another grandchild. Hmmm...I told him Dan and I would keep that in mind.

And then there was Annette. What would a family photo shoot be without Annette?

When the parents went away, we played with the drapes. It is pretty challenging to take a portrait straight into the window like this without making the subject very dark, so it took a few tries to figure out the right exposure, but I think I got it! The trick is to underexpose one stop. It washed out the curtains a bit, but I liked the effect.

As for the rest of the family, Ted would rather have a cigarette than get his picture taken. My brother and the rest of the family couldn't make it today, so they will get their photo shoot some other day.

As for Annette, I think she will somehow make her way into every family shoot no matter what. And I absolutely love her for it.

It was a fun day. Happy Birthday Mom!


Heather said...

amazing shots. Very soft lighting I love the ones of Annette. You're getting really good. Your mom looks great, very serene.

Yvonne said...

aw, thanks Heather! I just have a very good looking family.

Meagan said...