Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tell Me What I Need to Know

I'm feeling a little disconnected from the modern world lately. A little too shrouded in the past. I make no apologies for liking what I like -- some people are meant to be on the cutting edge, and some people are meant to be historians; the history I like to study just happens to be the LA / canyon music scene of '65-'71, i.e. the high point of America's pop-cultural achievements -- it's just that lately the only TV I watch is The Larry Sanders show, circa 1994 (one exception: Archer), and musically, I've turned from the '60s to the '20s as I've been immersing myself in a biography and music theory book on Gershwin, something I've wanted to do for a long time. And so I have this strange sense of living in an alternate reality, or like I'm not really living at all. As though if I continue like this, 50 years on, I'll be grief-stricken, thinking I've wasted it all, and regret not having tasted the fruits of the now.

Yvonne likes to joke that the '80s completely passed me by -- and for that I can say THANK GOD. (It's pretty true: I think I once counted a total of 15 songs from the '80s that I remember actually hearing in the '80s [yeah, Toto!], and I've still never seen Stand by Me, Top Gun, Sixteen Candles, Rambo, Teen Wolf, Uncle Buck, Say Anything, Red Dawn, Young Guns, Footloose, Lucas, The Terminator, Pretty in Pink, Weekend at Bernie's, Coming to America or Revenge of the Nerds). Can I afford to let another decade pass me by?

So, dear Hamsters...what am I missing? What totally of-the-moment comedy-music-TV-Internet sensation should I be drinking in to confirm my status as a fully living, 31-year-old humanoid in the year 2011? Catch me up! Give me your recommendations!

Just don't expect me to like them.


kunka said...

Community (it's the Archer of live action TV only better).

Ara said...

I would go back and watch 90% of the movies you just mentioned.

As for stuff now. Who cares if you're not going to be good at TV Trivia in 20 yrs. I got your back on that category.

Squeen said...

Kunka: I knew you'd say Community. Is it on now? Having a hard time finding on my cable guide.

Ara: Trivia -- while important -- is not the only concern here. I just feel like I need to reconnect with the hive mind. What are you watching?

Ara said...

What don't I watch? Alot of FX shows. Kunka and I both watch Lights Out. Alot of HBO and Showtime shows.

House (it's on the way down). Bones (same).

I think we can all agree on Modern Family as the best sitcom on TV.

Are you looking for the next Cheers or Seinfeld?

kunka. said...

Community is Thursday night at 8 on NBC.

Modern Family is also good but I think this year has struggled.

We actually started watching BREAKING BAD on DVD and that show is top-notch. I think you would really dig it.

Meagan said...

I would say this post confirms "NERD" as the most legit descriptive word for your arm tattoo ;)

Meagan said...

btw, If you noticed, I came back to the 'ham'. I've moved past the hurt feelings....

Squeen said...

Welcome back, Meagsy.