Saturday, February 26, 2011

Countdown to the Oscars

As you know, Yvonne and I have our own Oscar pool. And while this should be statistically impossible, Yvonne wins
every year. She's 7-0. I think I almost tied her once, but then stupid Hobbit movie won all the awards that I needed to go to other, better movies. But I digress...

Some years, I do research at the theater. Some years, in the magazines. Most years, I try to parse through previous results on IMDB to look for trends. And usually I declare certain victory.

This year, I haven't really paid any attention or done any homework. So there have been no confident declarations. But maybe that inattention is going to be the key to my victory.

(If you want to help me seal the win, and you know for sure what movie will take home the Oscar for those categories that we all just guess at every year -- sound editing, sound mixing, etc. -- hit a brother up!)

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David said...

So, in short, how you pick the Oscars is how you pick the NCAAs?