Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar Goes to...

For the first time, our Oscar pool came down to the final category, Best Picture. We were all tied up. One of us chose The King's Speech; the other The Social Network. Envelope please....

And for the first time ever, the winner is Dan!

I have to say, I was a little surprised...and not in that Melissa Leo, "I can't believe I won even though I took out full page ads asking for votes," false-modesty way. When The Social Network won for Best Editing, Yvonne took a two-point lead. And since Best Editing and Best Picture often go together, I had an awful feeling that The Social Network was going to pull off the big upset. But Randy Newman and Tom Hooper got me back in the game, and The King's Speech came through for the clincher.

Now for the thank yous. I have to thank, of all places, Gawker. Their "Guide to Winning Your Oscar Pool", seemed only half-informed (then again, maybe that's just the jaded Gawker style), but it came up totally clutch on Documentary Short and Animated Short (they did screw me on Best Makeup).

I must also thank Kim and Nien, for hosting us and filling us with tasty snacks and sweet parting gifts. And to my wife, the all-time Oscar champion, Yvonne, who is gracious enough to have already purchased my prize: the 1975 album "For the Whole World to See" by the Detroit proto-punk band Death (!!!).

I love the Oscars!

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Yvonne said...

I realize that every critic picked the King's Speech to win and the odds were against me, but I was voting with my oh, well. Congrats to Dan, but I will win again next year (and the year after that!)