Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's March...You Know What That Means

It's March and we're fat, so thus begins another year of March Madness. OK, we're not fat fat, but we're a ways off from our prime fightin' weight from our nuptials. The last year has actually been one of consistent exercise (I've even been getting up early a few mornings a week to work out); the problem, as always, is discipline with the sweets and treats. (I pretty much treated the Christmas cookie season as though I might not live to see New Year's. And then I celebrated the New Year by eating with abandon up until...well, Oscars Sunday.)

You know the basic rules of the Madness: Limit two sweets and/or alcoholic beverages a week (I'm less strict about this one), 5 or so days of exercise per week (I'm less strict about this one, too), better eating habits. And so far, so good. I have drastically reduced my jam intake (I like to eat jam out of the jar for dessert -- is that so wrong?) and I even substituted grilled vegetables for french fries with my meal Friday night.

I'm pretty confident we'll be svelte again in no time.

In fact, I think I'm gonna take tomorrow off.


Susan said...

I know where you learned to eat the jam out of the jar -- and it wasn't from your mother!
I think you should wait to start the new regime until after Fat Tuesday.

David said...

Cellini, good job of not going into the bar. Just for that, reward yourself with a drink.