Thursday, August 20, 2009

Colorado Eats

We had some delicious food during our stay in Colorado.

Probably the best meal of the trip was at The Kitchen, a farm-to-table restaurant that offers fresh, seasonal dishes. The place had a friendly, laid back vibe and the coolest part was that the kitchen runs on 100% wind power and the used oils power someone's car! Charina, Dan and I each had salads and split the Prosciutto & Gioia Burrata flat bread. Amazing! Would recommend this place to anyone visiting the area.

The Kitchen's black board.

Boulder had its share of organic/healthy/slow-food/gluten-free foods all around. We visited the very busy Farmer's Market and got some peaches that looked like they were just picked from a tree that morning (even Dan approved). I loved the Savory Spice Shop which had all kinds of cool spices that I never see grocery shopping in New York.

The best gelato in Boulder hands-down can be found at Powell's Sweet Shoppe. I got s'mores and Dan got cookie dough. Check out the swirly biscuit that comes with it. Wonderful. In additional to gelato, the store has all the old-fashioned candy you could ever imagine and plays Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on repeat all day. Definitely my kind of place. (True confession: I have never actually seen Willy Wonka. Dan is appalled.)

It feels like every time I page through New York Magazine or go online to Serious Eats, they are always talking about the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich, which has somehow become the "hip" sandwich in NYC (at least according to them--I never see anyone eating it). I finally tried my first banh mi at BimBamBoo in Boulder. This is a trend that I can support.

How could we go to Colorado without hitting up Pasquini's Pizzeria in Denver? Dan somehow found this awesomely named pizza chain online, and we hit one up hoping to meet some fellow Squeens. Instead, we met a waitress that looked exactly like my niece, Tiffany. I wish I got a picture.

We brought along Ara and Sandy for the ride, and met up with Brian and JP (you may remember that Brian just moved to Denver). Since we ate pizza the previous night, I opted for the meatball sandwich. Dan and Ara split a pie, which was said to be pretty good--a little doughy--but worthy of the name.

Afterward, Brian and JP showed us the way to Happy Cakes Bakeshop, where Dan and I split two cupcakes: s'mores (apparently, popular flavor here in Colorado?) and raspberry lemonade. The s'mores version had graham crackers somehow baked into the cake, which was unusual. I found them a tad dry, but Dan thought they were superior to Tee & Cakes. It's so hard for me to judge; I like them all.

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