Friday, August 21, 2009

The LA Hamsters

Dan has told me before that Los Angeles fans suck. They arrive late to sporting events, they don't cheer at the game, they leave early to avoid the traffic. In this past week in Colorado, I have learned something else about the LA people. They love The Ham.

I know that my blog has fans scattered around the globe. From time to time, I will bump into a person or get an email from a random someone who I never expected to be a reader. This always surprises me. I knew that some of Dan's friends from LA were following along (I think, mostly, to read funny stories about Squeen), but I was kind of blown away and flattered by the enthusiasm they showed for the blog when I saw them in Boulder.

The best part about LA fans is that whatever something funny or interesting happened, regardless if I was involved or not, they all sort of whipped their heads around toward me and demanded to know, "Will THAT be in the blog??"

Usually when people ask me this question, they are implying by their tone of voice that whatever just happened SHOULD NOT be in the blog. Not my LA fans. These people will do anything for the fame and glory only the Ham can bring. Here's a picture of them begging to be featured:

Dan's like, "No big deal...I'm in this blog all the time!"

I'm wondering, does Sam (in the white cap) even know why he's begging? Does he know about Ham? I just introduced myself to him about 10 minutes before this picture was taken. I love that he is just playing along.

Anyway, this entry is a shout out to my LA readers and the other 7 people who read this blog. (Hi Mom!) And for all the randoms I don't know about. Thanks.


christophe said...

can you photoshop me into that shot?

kunka. said...

Christophe isn't even in the picture and he commented!

Matt Apice said...


Jacey said...

LA = The Land of the Desperate for Attention.

Susannah said...

My brother- who you guessed correctly- hasn't really been enlightend about the blog-got to be in the picture! I'm so jealous. Then again, you did write about my wedding. I will make Sam a subscriber.