Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picnic & a movie

Seeing a movie in Bryant Park in the summertime a quintessential New York City experience. One that Dan and I never participated in until this week, when the poker people invited us for a picnic and a viewing of Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Luckily, Julien was around to come to the park early and hold us a spot. The lawn opened at 5 pm. According to Julien, here's what the lawn looked like at 4:59 pm.

Yes, people were lined around the park with their blankets out, ready to make their move. [photo by Julien]

This is what it looked like two minutes later. [photo by Julien]

Seriously, New York, why does everything cool have to resort to this? Mind you, the movie doesn't start until sundown, which is like three and a half hours from when this picture was taken. Sigh. (Even though I did not have to wait, it's the principle!)

Here's our crew digging into the delicious assortment of food--mostly provided by Julien, but we all chipped in and brought something and had a nice meal.

The entire park was brimming with people. All the blankets were touching each other, you could barely see a hint of grass. Here's everyone getting settled right before the show started. [photo by Julien]

Can you believe this scene? It didn't feel as chaotic as it looks. [photo by Julien]

Movie at Bryant Park: A Summary
Picnic in the park: awesome
Time spent with friends: awesome
Food: awesome
Watching a movie under the night sky: awesome
Bugs Bunny cartoon opener: awesome
Watching a movie on a blanket: uncomfortable
The actual movie: Completely and utterly boring


Susan said...

Eperience: Priceless

Willytheprince said...

NYC, the most inconvenient-convenient city there is. Why is every activity in NY challenging?

Don't mind me, going through one of my "Why do I live here?" stages.