Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts on Boulder

In my quest to find the perfect place to live, I wouldn't mind living in a place like Boulder.

  • Weather. The city has more sunny days than San Diego or Miami. Our host, Charina, was apologizing to us because there were clouds in the sky. Seriously.
  • Great quality of life: Here's a place where people spend their time in nature, exploring the outdoors and taking care of their bodies through biking, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and skiing. Charina says that at work, the hours between 12 and 2 are dead because people in her office are out bike riding. The priorities here are different. I could get used to that.
  • Beautiful Scenery. Do people ever tire of looking at mountains?
  • Good food. As discussed.
  • Good hair days every day. My hair has never been so straight or frizz-free.
  • Friendly peeps. People are always willing to help out.

  • Terrible service. Every place we went seemed to move at snail pace. But at least they were nice about it. Duuuuuuuuuuude.
  • Road rules: We were warned about the strict road rules here, and it was no joke. When the street sign said 20mph, everyone was moving 20 mph---uphill. They have cameras set up all over town to capture you speeding or going through a yellow light. Despite all that, we saw people being pulled over by cops everywhere. It was all a little Big Brother to me.
  • No culture: I am sure you could find it in Denver (which frankly, on my second visit, still did not appeal to me), but I didn't get the sense that this was where you would easily find a museum or a theater playing a documentary.
  • No diversity: I saw one black person there. Could get a little monotonous.
  • Baking Woes: With the high altitude, making a cake could be tricky.
Truth be told, when I looked around Boulder, all I could think about is my brother Pete and his wife Jen. They would LOVE it here. It is so them. If they ever decide to leave NJ, I know the place they should go.

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Peter said...

Thanks Sis! I have not been to Boulder, but will put it on my "places to see" list.