Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Highlights of Nate and Suze's Wedding

Dinner at Casa Bonita.

The wedding weekend officially kicked off with an evening at the world-famous Casa Bonita restaurant in Denver, as seen in an episode of South Park. [Picture from Cyndi]

We enjoyed watching cliff divers, exploring scary caves and eating the worst Mexican food ever made. Yes, Dan cleaned his plate anyway.

We got into a little trouble, but it turned out okay.

The Rehearsal Dinner.

The night before the wedding, we were invited for dinner to Old Chicago where we ate deep dish pizza in a relaxing outdoor patio. I sat with Matt and Katie, who were celebrating their five year anniversary.

The waiter got a little reckless with the pizza and ended up spilling tomato sauce all over Aaron's shirt. Dan and Francesca dabbed the stain with a healthy dose of water and salt (which just looked gross and totally did not work). The waiter's response: "Duuuuuuuuuuude, I am so sorry." Duuuuuuuuuuude.

We hit up a couple of bars afterward, where antics such as "rockpiling the bride" ensued.

At one bar, groomsman Matt tells me: "I love Dan because he is completely, unapologetically the biggest nerd ever. We're at a bar, and he is super excited there's cribbage." Here's my nerd, playing the game with Ara and Sandy.

The Wedding.

Nate and Susannah got married at the historic--and haunted--Boulderado Hotel in downtown Boulder. Their ceremony took place on the beautiful staircase of the hotel, and the reception followed in the mezzanine afterwards.

Here's Kunka, Susannah, Nate, Jacey and Dan at our table. I like this picture because Dan's head is twice the size of Jacey's. As Dan said, "I'm the mothership."

The wedding had a energetic dance floor. Here, the bride rocks out to Living on a Prayer.

Kunka attempts an air guitar solo, which at first no one is into....

...until he uses his elbow to smash the "guitar" on the ground. The bridesmaids are impressed.

A man-wich brimming with bromance forms in the middle of the dance floor.

The groom serenades his woman. I am not sure what's happening behind them.

Dan meets his soul mate, Uncle Bill. Nate's dad apparently says that you can never trust a man with a bow tie. "I couldn't disagree more," Dan said. To which Uncle Bill replied, "You got that right, baby."

As you can tell, we had the best time!

The After-Party

At the hotel bar, Matt and Christophe look poker faced, but they are probably up to no good.

Jacey tries to quiet the crowd down. Cyndi and Francesca, oblivious.

Heading downstairs to Catacombs, the games continue into the night!


Jacey said...

Thank you. I feel much better about these pics, albeit embarrassed for my husband and his fake-guitar-smashing. But then again, the feelin of embarrassment for my husband is not a new one for me. Good blog!

Peter said...

Do you think Dan would fit in with these guys? He's got the glasses, dress and all! If you have not seen this band, I stronly recomend you do. They are awesome!

Susannah said...

Thank you for these amazing pictures! I love your commentary! We are so thankful that you joined us.

Willytheprince said...

Looks like a great time. I love the picture of the groom singing and there is some crazy stuff going on in the background. That made me laugh.

Katie said...

Bowties are hot...that's a given.
KT Apice