Sunday, April 19, 2009

Honey buns

In my free time, I organized my clipped recipes into a little binder and rediscovered some things that I want to cook and bake. Since Dan had to work all day Sunday, I decided to spend the day making Martha Stewart Living's honey buns. They were not hard to make, but it took hours.

Here's me kneading the dough. I told Dan this is the reason why I needed a KitchenAid mixer because you can use the machine for 10 minutes or work the dough by hand for 20 minutes. Because I excelled at the hand kneading, Dan wasn't very convinced. It was a good arm workout. And yes, I am wearing a shirt that says "Cute as a cupcake." My friend Gerda gave it to me.

I am recently experimenting with yeast, which Dan says "smells like band aid." I am fascinated how it makes the dough grow. After kneading it, this is what it looked like an hour later.

I rolled out the dough, and spread the filling on top-- in this case some creme fraiche, marzipone cheese and chopped pecans. Then you roll it up and slice into little buns.

The buns have to sit and rise again. They are sitting in a healthy bath of butter, corn syrup, honey and sugar.

Hot out of the oven.

I know that when Dan really likes something I make he says, "MM." Not "mmmmmmm" but a short, brief "MM." There was no "MM" this time even though he ate two buns. I actually don't really like these sorts of sweets very much so I wasn't surprised not to love them, but they were good. The recipe had me create extra dough to freeze, so the next time I make them, I think I will make the filling and topping with a cinnamon--not honey-flavored--take.


Willytheprince said...

Yum. I baked too. I made banana bread & muffins. Going to blog about it when I get some mojo.

Looks great.

Squeen said...

All things being equal, shouldn't all honey come in bear-shaped bottles?

For that matter, shouldn't all the things that bears love come in bear shapes? Bear-shaped salmon fillets? Bear-shaped cans of porridge?

Dan's mom said...

I'm thinking you shouldn't bake for someone who can't at least give those luscious-looking and no-doubt-tasty honey buns an extended mmmmmmmmmmm, especially after eating two!