Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Madness Report

I wasn't nearly as strict about my March Madness as I was last year, but I have to say that this year's version was equally a success because it really managed to get my ass in gear and more importantly, almost immediately dissolved the depression cloud that has been hovering over me all winter. I am telling you, eating right, exercise and writing--it's my version of Zoloft.

I ate healthy and followed most of my rules most of the time, but I wouldn't get upset if I only had one liter of water instead of two, or if there was only white bread instead of whole-wheat. I cheated. I ate artichoke-spinach dip at Houston's, french fries at JG Melon's, my treat of the week was probably a bigger portion than should be allowed. But I wouldn't feel bad or guilty and it never discouraged me. I didn't do it too often and I went on the rest of my day eating healthy like it never happened. I exercised 5-6 times a week and am feeling myself growing stronger. Overall I lost 3 pounds and an inch everywhere on my body I would want to lose an inch. (Last year I lost 6 pounds in one month, but remember, I was super strict and I actually started off much heavier/out of shape). So I basically dumped the weight I gained around the holidays--awesome enough.

I did write almost daily. I started off strong week one and then started slacking off, but as soon as my unemployment rolled around, I started writing vigorously. It was like the ideas were pouring in my brain and I just needed to get them on paper QUICK before they went away. I am unsure where my story is going, what exact form it will take, but I am really excited that I am getting over myself and writing it down--imperfections and all.

I wasn't very good at taking time each week to do something that inspires me creatively. It's always a goal and I am never good at doing it. I did go to a museum and cook some things, but quite honestly, I have been feeling creative in my writing and am happy to be doing THAT so I don't feel so hard on myself for not doing other things.

I feel the best I've felt in a long time. I don't want the feeling to go away. So just like last year, the madness will continue. How can it not?

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