Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morning bike rides

In case you were looking for me this morning, I was in Austria. Tirol to be exact. On a bike. (My dad and brother would be proud).

I was there!

My friend Danielle and I have started taking Kristin's spin class on Thursday mornings at Equinox. Being the gym rat that I am, I have taken hundreds of spin classes--some great, some unremarkable--but I never had a spin class like this.

Each week, Kristin introduces herself as a professional biker from New Jersey. Somehow she commutes from New Jersey to the Upper East Side to make our 6:30 am class (a pretty long trek) and still has more energy than all of us in the room together. Most morning spin classes are pretty subdued. Everyone is still half asleep, so people just kind of say nothing, put their heads down and ride. The instructor is lucky if anyone answers "hello." But with this class, chipper Kristin walks in talking loudly about how she's a biker and how we're going to Austria and it's rather surreal that early in the morning.

Today we went from Kaiserhaus (720m) to near WinterKopf (1226m) (I think). You can see the map here. Yeah, she has a map of our ride on her Facebook page.

Don't you like Kristin?

By the way, Kristin may be my Facebook friend and subject of this blog post, but I have never spoken to Kristin in my life. I am one of those people who kind of say nothing, put my head down and ride. IT'S 6:30 IN THE MORNING PEOPLE!

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