Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The new uniform.

Today I wore a grey sweater dress. I know what you're thinking--the SAME grey sweater dress from last week already??? Don't be silly. This one is completely different. For one thing, it's short sleeved. It's a few inches longer in length, and it's charcoal as opposed to heather grey.

This, my friends, is the art of the uniform. You are wearing the same thing, but you are not.

I wore it with a grey long sleeved shirt, some grey tights and my brown Frye boots. Apparently, I do wear brown.

I have no idea why I felt compelled to purchase two grey sweater dresses within a year's time except to say that grey sweater dresses are both comfortable and easy for me. And they were both on sale.

The other day, I wore this monstrosity.

I didn't really like this outfit (Okay, it's not THAT BAD but not New Year's Resolution worthy) but I ran out of time in the morning and had no choice but to go with it. That would be a grey sweater with grey striped pants--with a tan (that's light brown people) and off-white striped button-down shirt.

Witness my masterful work. In the two pictures, don't I look like I am wearing the same thing even though one outfit is a dress and the other is a pants? It's the uniform. I just nail it every single time.

Did you really think I could change overnight? How can I be frugal and a fashion plate at once?

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