Monday, January 26, 2009

We celebrate.

Our friends Adam and Nell got engaged this weekend!

It was also Adam's birthday. He popped the question despite second degree burns on his leg from spilling tea on himself the night before. Not pretty. But still romantic, him bending down on injured leg.

We celebrated with Cuban food and drinks.

Dan and me (I kind of hate this picture. Don't I look total spaz?)

Dan being like, stop with the pictures already. Do you know how many pictures like this I have of Dan? Many. And then he is always asking me why I don't take more pictures.

So there are no more pictures.


Willytheprince said...

I love that picture of you. Love it! Congrats to your friends.

Will is in LA he gets back on Wed., but excited for dinner on Friday.

Brash Lion said...

YAY ADAM & NELL!!!! I am so jealous I wasn't there... but I'll be there sooooooon!!! xxoxoxoxoxo