Thursday, January 15, 2009

Someone forgot their uniform.

I usually see Meagan on our weekend jaunts to New Jersey, sporting her usual outfit of black leggings, a long shirt/dress, big earrings and pink lip gloss. Remember, Meagan is the person who informed me that I wear a uniform. She knows about uniforms.

So imagine my surprise when I see Meagan on her 31st birthday sporting a brand new hair cut with bangs and actual blue jeans. She NEVER wears blue jeans. She looked good! (I mean, she always looks good, but she looked different good!)
New Year, and Meagan's stepping it up.

Meagan, Julie and me.

Meanwhile...I'm still same old.

Cable-knit sweater.

Brown from head to toe.

What would you wear when it's 20 degrees and looks like this outside your window?


Dan's mom said...

Weather like yours? Layers, my friend, lots of layers, for your uniform! Stay warm...

Meagan said...

nothing like getting better with age :)

girlfriend, I'll let you in on a little secret....just choose the most UNLIKELY thing you would ever think to wear, close your eyes, put it on and walk straight out the door!!
You'll turn heads, worked for me :)
i still hate jeans....

Meagan said...

BTW, those pinkish looking pants were a good attempt. :)
and thanks for the compliments