Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Every one fondue tonight

It started the day after Christmas, when Heidi posted this classic fondue recipe on her web site.

Days later, I went to Williams-Sonoma to exchange my Le Creuset for a bigger size, and upon entering the store, I was confronted by a large display of lovely fondue sets.

"Everyone is into the fondue," the lady behind the counter commented, ringing up another.

Then Courtney talked about how she got a fondue set for Christmas from the Jacksons, and then the Jacksons themselves showcased their own fondue party on their blog in Switzerland. (I mean, just look at the glee on Brett's face? Don't you want to have one?)

I sighed and felt saddened that no, that would never be me, I would never have a fondue party or a fondue set because the day I came home with one, my lovely fiance would tilt his head to the side and throw his hands in the air and scold, "Baby, no. Too much kitchen stuff. Where are we going to put that?"

It's true. We don't have room for fondue sets, but I still want one. And the fact that (with the help of my mom) I have been able to get the Le Creuset into my apartment with zero argument was a huge feat, believe me. (I plan to store it in the oven).

Dan came home yesterday from his yearly trip to California. In his weeklong absence, he had three boxes delivered to him. He had told me before my trip not to look at them because they were likely to be Christmas presents for me. I didn't snoop at all--I swear.

I came home from grocery shopping to see a concerned looking Dan sitting on the couch. scratching his head.

"I think Amazon sent us something that I didn't order," he said, all worried. "I even double checked to see if I ordered it by mistake."

"Well what is it?" I asked.

"A fondue set."

And that is when everything came together.

"It's from the Jacksons, of course!"

And that is how I got a fondue set (and a fondue cookbook)--just like everyone else. Now I can have my fondue party and Dan thinks it's swell because it was the Jackson's idea. THANK YOU BRETT AND EMILY. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

Now where to put it?


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Brash Lion said...

Um, this calls for an international fondue party that includes video chatting while we boil our meat and dip everything in melted cheese.

Annette said...

Can I come to the fondue party?!?