Friday, December 26, 2008

Cookie Bonanza 2009

So I am not sure if I have what it takes to run a bakery. After spending a day on my feet baking cookies for my annual Cookie Bonanza, I was completely wiped out. Waking up the next morning, I felt like I was run over by a truck.

But it was fun and satisfying in that way that only manual labor can be. For the first time ever, I prepared everything at my mom's house. She has a big oven and the master of baking equipment--a KitchenAid mixer--and so it was a nice change of pace. Mom was preparing some things for Christmas too, but soon it was clear that me and my bonanza were taking over the kitchen and she just had a small little space to work in. She didn't complain--much.

(These pics do not display the awesomeness as well as they should, but better than nothing):

I usually make all new recipes but this year I bought back peanut butter surprise (Pete's favorite) and snickerdoodles (Annette's favorite) along with newbies key lime pie thumbprints, chocolate peppermint and Aunt Mary Dillon's pralines. All recipes by Martha Stewart. The chocolate peppermint were a total pain in the ass to make. Had I read the recipe before I started, I would have never had made them, but they sure look pretty.

These praline cookies were inspired by my recent trip to New Orleans.

Usually I toss the cookies in some plastic containers, but this year I was inspired to be more crafty so I bought these pretty snow-flake patterned boxes from The Container Store, lined them with tissue and wax paper, displayed the cookies in rows, sealed them in plastic tied with a bow. A tag displayed the cookie names. I was kind of proud how they turned out.

Dan misses the Bonanza every year, but of course, like the good girlfriend I am, I always save him one of each. Odds are 97.5% likely he will eat these in one sitting the day he comes back.


Peter said...

I think the Aunt Mary Dillon's pralines are my new favorite. The were all good. Thanks Sis.

michele said...

that pecan praline. i thought it was real. like really in my apt! you're really good at making these sweet treats. thank you for the christmas greeting! i hope you enjoyed yours! i'm really glad we have our sunday good times now. i looked through some old pics over christmas and came across ones from our italy trip. we = very sexy.