Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mom's First Cupcake

In between scouting wedding venues, I took my mom to New Orleans' new cupcakery Bee Sweet Cupcakes, which opened just three weeks ago. Do I know my stuff or what?

Mom got the pecan one and I got Oreo. It was too sweet for mom. I thought the cake was moist and good but the frosting was very sweet and piled on too thick. It was very messy to eat because the lightweight cake couldn't handle the heavy frosting.

If Dan and I ever move to New Orleans, I was thinking of opening up a bakery (possibly cupcake related). After eating here, I think there might be room for two cupcake places. One day.

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Willytheprince said...

So fun. I can't wait to go. Send over your recommendations.
I'm a big itinerary person myself and was just thinking that i needed to make one. I'm too tired today to try--had company holiday cocktails last night.