Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We walk, we see.

Note to Dan, my loving fiance. You can't plan an event from the internet. Because some of the places that look beautiful in pictures online look like crap in person. I am so glad I came and saw for myself.

All of the venues we looked at today were located in the French Quarter, so I got my mom to walk with me all day. She was a great sport. We took lots of coffee breaks and park bench stops along the way, but it was great to spend the day with her outside and not in the confines of the rental car. The sun even came out (it's been cloudy and gray since we've been here), and with temperatures in the 70s, it was lovely.

My mom had been to New Orleans before but only took in the city from a tour bus, and so she had a great time to experience the city the way a city should be experienced--by foot.
Mom even had her first beignet.

So we may have seen some disappointing reception places, but we also saw a place we really liked today, and it just made the New Orleans wedding even more real and even more exciting.


kunka. said...

I'm pumped to go back to NO for the wedding. If you're looking for some good food there's an italian place that I can't remember and a seafood place called La Mer that are on the otherside of Canal from the Quarter in the warehouse district on Tchipatlous (Chap-e-tool-ous). That's where we stayed during the movie and it was fantastic.

I would also look for venues in the warehouse district as I think it would be totally fun. I know they have several art galleries there that can be rented out for parties. Might be the right idea.

And if not, there's always the Penthouse Strip Club where I had a shot of Jagermeister with my mom. Dont' ask.

Yvonne said...

we're scoping out the Warehouse district today!

Dan's mom said...

Note to Kunka: NO Penthouse Strip Club!!

Jacey said...

The Kunkas also recommend the breakfast bruschetta at the Blue Plate in the Warehouse District. To DIE.