Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our friends the Greves really are the bee's knees. That's well established. But let us have some concrete evidence of what makes them great, shall we?

Among the embarrassment of riches they brought to us as gifts from Belgium was this stuff: Speculoos. How can I describe it? It's a spread, like Nutella, but COOKIE FLAVORED. (Boy, our friends know us so well!) If you could take cinnamon-sugary graham crackers, crush them up and put them into spreadable form, this is what it would taste like. That really doesn't even do it justice though.

This jar was full about two nights ago.

Morten says he likes it on toast. There's much to praise about Speculoos on toast, but I must say I preferred it straight out of the jar. (And yes, I did put the cookie spread on the Belgian cookies they brought us. And then I was sucked into the vortex of awesomeness.)

The fact that this stuff hasn't taken America by storm is probably our greatest national shortcoming. Then again, I remember when you had to go to a specialty store hours away to procure Nutella, and now it's not even a thing anymore. Like peanut butter. So Speculoos may yet become our new sweet overlord. That fancy gelato place we went to on our last night with the Greves has a Speculoos flavor.

So, if you see it, buy it. You will not be sorry. Until you run out and are hopelessly addicted. But still, it will have been worth it.

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David said...

At one time, there was only Albertson's in Visalia if you wanted Nutella. Now people tell me about it as if they discovered it. Shameless.

Hopefully, this new spread will soon be found at Save Mart and once again, the Pasquinis will be ahead of the curve.