Monday, August 1, 2011

The Pickle Horror Show

I spent all of my spare time this weekend making something in the kitchen. I made zucchini bread. I made granola. I made garlic scape dip. I made peaches and cream ice pops. All of these projects were pretty easy, breezy and kept me busy in a good way.

Today, I made pickles. You know the saying, do something everyday that scares you? Pickles are super scary.

I have never pickled anything in my life. I am not a canner. I have never canned anything, and I have never watched anyone can anything. But the CSA has been overly generous with their cucumbers, and Dan doesn't like cucumbers all that much. I like them, but not enough to eat 1+ a day, everyday. So I decided to make pickles, even though I don't have a proper pot, or tools or even canning salt for that matter, I figured what the heck. And my heart begins to pound.

Holy cucumbers!

Slicing was the easy part.

So was this 2-hour ice path.

Cooking the concoction. The vinegar stunk up the apartment real nice.

My biggest concern was that I didn't have a very large pot to submerge the cans, nor very good tools to insert them, so I was terrified of burning myself with the boiling water. I didn't. But I managed to dirty up my counters really good, and the turmeric and mustard seeds made some unsightly yellow stains (that will come out, right?)

The finished product! I know I sound like a real Martha Stewart writing this post, but I assure you that I am still learning and figuring stuff out. One of the jars leaked during the boiling/sealing process. (I don't think that was supposed to happen!) But whatever, happy I passed over the scary first-time hump.

You know who makes good pickles? My sister. Maybe she'll show me the drill next time! (Hint, hint).

By the way, here's the recipe if you are feeling adventurous!


Ara said...

Here's my way, After I finish my store bought dill pickles, I cut up some cucumbers and throw them in and put in fridge. They pickle up nice. Pickling Shortcut.

My mom pickles beats (you know the bright pink stuff you get at middle eastern restaurants) those are super good. I should ask her for her recipe.

Annette said...

YUV! I am soooo proud of you! They look so good! I hope you saved some for me! And I am up for a day of canning pickles anytime... maybe some jam class too?!

Yvonne said...

Ara, that is a good idea. Annette, perhaps you can have a jar...Dan told me last night that he doesn't like bread and butter pickles so he probably won't eat any. I would love to try jam with you!

Anonymous said...

You are a super woman in the kitchen. I would eat practically everything you make, especially desserts. BUT, I really don't like pickled anything, so I know where Daniel gets it. Jam YES - my mom makes homemade jam from our California fruits.

Ara said...

I'm with Dan, it's all about dill.

Willy The Prince said...

Hope your pickles turn out better than mine. Mine got all soggy, not sure what I did wrong.