Saturday, July 9, 2011

CSA -- Week 2

I am obsessed with the CSA. Obsessed. All I want to do is think about what I am having for dinner. And lunch. (Buying lunch is so two weeks ago. It's all about brown-bagging salads and leftovers now).

My routine is this: We get our vegetable delivery in on Thursday, so I get a look at what we got on Thursday night. Friday is usually a slow day at work, so I spend about an hour searching the internet for recipe ideas for the week and sometimes to research the ingredients I have.

Like, what in the world is a kohlrabi? In case you are wondering, it is in the cabbage family and it kinda tastes like chicken. (Just kidding, more like broccoli stem.)

I try to make sure that all the vegetables will be used over the week, and I write out my menu on a Google doc. Over the weekend, I go grocery shopping. (Yes, sometimes I have to buy a random extra vegetable or two, it's not the end of the world). And then I cook! I am the type of person who gets immense satisfaction from being done with things (getting the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube, reading the last page of a book, etc) so clearing out my fridge of vegetables each week in a thoughtful and yummy way makes me extremely happy.

Here's some things I made this week:

Seared whitefish with sweet corn kohlrabi and tomato compote

Sausage, mozzarella and broccoli rabe with shells

BBQ chicken breasts and grilled fava beans

Fish with mango and cucumber relish over lettuce

I am a creature of habit, so when I work in an office, I like to drink a cup of tea around 11 am. Every day. Same time. It helps break up the day and gives me something to look forward to. I like to have my tea with a little baked good, but I can't be eating cake everyday, so every week or so, I bake a batch of muffins for my morning tea snack, usually of the boring bran and whole-grain variety. This zucchini bread fits the mold of whole-grain variety, but there is nothing boring about it. It had such an interesting and unusual (for me, anyway) flavor combination of crystalized ginger, poppy seeds, walnuts, curry powder and lemon zest which completely made up for any lost sugar. I enjoyed my tea time very much. It's my favorite recipe of the week.


Susan said...

I am so-o impressed with your cooking! Your dinners look impressive -- very foodie -- and healthy.
Have you considered posting links to your recipes?
I wouldn't mind trying (copying) what you've cooked so far.
Love the way you plan ahead for the week.

Yvonne said...

Hi Susan, All of the recipes are linked if you just put your curser under the recipe name. Blogger was being weird while I was writing this post so the fonts look a little off and don't look like links. I would love to get recipe ideas from you too!