Friday, January 7, 2011

Crocheted Bicycle, the Return

Remember that crocheted bicycle?

Yvonne's post about it resurfaced in her year-end wrap-up, and when I clicked the link the other day, I noticed that three months after the post (and previously unbeknownst to us), the artist herself commented. Kinda cool, no? I mean, obviously she found the post with the help of Google, but bumping into her online added to the serendipity of discovering her rad piece of street art, the feeling that this city is just a small town teeming with creative energy.

Now that the artist, Agata Olek, -- who, it's worth noting, happens to be Polish -- is blowing up, we can also say we were in on the ground floor.

Check out this video of her badass crocheted outfit for the famous Wall Street bull.

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