Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside

Gosh, it's cold. I know it's January, but it's become frigid, bone-chilling, don't-want-to-leave-your-house hibernation cold. This weekend wasn't much for excursions. No matter, I had to stay home because I had work to do. That doesn't make for interesting blog fodder, so let me touch on the things I somehow (barely!) managed to do despite the weather conditions.

I did go to the pool with Danielle and practice swimming. I did better than my first time, but not great. I can't swim the entire length of the pool without stopping to catch my breath or unintentionally drinking a cup of water. And I look like this doing it:

I figured out after this picture was taken that my goggle straps don't have to stick out like that. There are actually bands to hold them in place on the sides of your head so you don't have to look like a total moron. It's my second day, so sue me. And yes, I am willing to risk public humiliation and post this picture just for my fans. My suit is reversable by the way. It turns blue some days. I love that.

On Saturday night--since Julien was in town--Dan and I met up with him, Kayleen, Kim and Nien on the Upper West Side to watch some football and eat Indian food. Julien told me that The Ham would be a much better blog if we had a picture of Dan trying to eat a cookie from a pizza box full of cookies.

This picture came out a bit blurry (sorry, not used to working the point and shoot anymore!) so this is a pretty lame attempt at blog glory. Though Dan ate the majority of those cookies in the next 30 minutes of this picture being taken. That has to count for something, right?

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Ara said...

Thanks for the pic. Love being a 'fan'.