Sunday, January 2, 2011

Movie Marathon 2010 (I Can Still Post About Last Year for Another Coupla Days, Right?)

You know by now that we like to stay in for New Year's Eve, eat homemade lasagna and have a little movie marathon. We've done parties, the midnight run in Central Park -- we've never done Times Square, but I did Spain's version of it once, which had the same massive crowds and pickpockets -- and nothing else really compares. Our movie picks always include a classic, a musical and a lite comedy. Here's a quick rundown of what we saw Thursday night:

- As you can see from my earlier post, this one is a bit of a revelation for me.

Newsies - It's a musical with Yvonne's heartthrob #1, Christian Bale. So she knew she was gonna like it. I was a little skeptical...but nobody told me it's about UNIONS. Two thumbs up! (Though Yvonne says she would've liked it more if she were 13.)

Wet Hot American Summer - Multiple friends whose taste I can no longer trust told me this was hilarious. A cult hit. I worry for the members of this cult.


kunka. said...

Here's what's funny -- just last week someone told me WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER was the bee's knees. Weird.

Squeen said...

That's probably the only funny thing about Wet Hot American Summer. Paul Rudd is passable. Everything else is dreadful. Just dreadful.

Ara said...

It's looks bad just looking at the movie poster.

Susan said...

Wouldn't someone describing a movie as "the bee's knees" be your first clue?