Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chilly Willy

This blog post is about the weather. I am sorry in advance for your impending boredom.

This month, New York has been looking something like this...

and other days like this...

And all days feel cold, cold, cold. I haven't been happy about this. Usually I am a trooper and even do things like go run in the park on dark, cold winter mornings, but not this year. No sir. My California thin-blood husband is rubbing off on me (though I am not wearing long underwear when it is under 40 degrees just yet. I will never let it get that far.)

These conditions have definitely put a damper on the 365 project because lately, I don't feel like walking around at all. After work, on the weekends, all I want to do is go straight home. It's become something of a game of mine to find a picture to snap as soon as possible or find new ways to shoot things from the warmth of my home.

Due to all the snow, they keep delaying garbage pick-up so my neighborhood is starting to resemble a dumpster.

I see dead Christmas trees everywhere.

When it is cold like this, it is strange to be heading to the pool twice a week. I wear sweatpants, a warm hat and gloves over my swim suit. I am getting better with each swim, but since I am not naturally athletic and I don't like the feeling of being underwater, it does not come easy to me which is a great frustration. And then when I tell people that I am learning how to swim, everyone looks at me like "Huh? What? You can't swim?" like it's the craziest thing they have ever heard. Where was I the day every single person in the world learned how to swim?

At the gym where I practice, there is a hot tub next to the pool where people just sit and stare at all the swimmers doing laps. It's kind of embarrassing to have all these sets of eyes watching me flounder in the water (particularly because most of the people who use the hot tub happen to be gross old men). But then again, who goes to the gym just to sit in the hot tub? Maybe that's embarrassing.

Today I spent most of the day under the covers reading. I made some soup, some muffins and baked a few cookies (I had some leftover cookie dough in the freezer from Christmas).

Yeah, that's my picture of the day. So sue me. It's 17 degrees outside. Great photographic moments will arrive some other (warmer) day. And those cookies were pretty, pretty good.

Weather report complete.

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