Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yoga in Bryant Park

One of the hardest parts about working full-time is that suddenly I have very limited time to take my daily picture. And very limited environments too because my day either takes me to either the Upper East Side or Midtown (both big ol' snores!) I have been heading to Bryant Park a lot after work because it's close by and there are always interesting people hanging about. They are having yoga in the park every Thursday night during the summer, so last week, I thought I would check it out to snap a few pics:

This girl was my muse....not only is she gorgeous, but she had amazing strength and control of her body.

Only in NYC....talking on your cell phone during a yoga class. Seriously?

You can see some more of my pics here. The New York Times shot a similar photo story for a big yoga event in Central Park, so it was interesting to see how a professional would cover the same kind of scene.

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Ara said...

Your cell phone photo beats the 'professional' one out of the water.