Monday, June 14, 2010

The After Party

After the reception, we joined some of our guests at the famed New Orleans drinking institution Pat O'Brien's to continue the celebration. I drank one of the bar's famous Hurricanes but after that did not need any more drinks: I was on such a natural high and I wanted to remember every moment. There are not too many pictures from the party--everyone was having too much fun, I guess!

Hanging out with Emily and Sandy.

More hurricane frenzy.

Chris and George drink up.

Brian cracked me up all night.

I left my wedding thinking that Drake was the most popular wedding guest by a landslide. (I think Annie was planning to pocket him into her carry-on luggage). But that evening in Pat O'Brien's, it became apparent that my brother Peter made quite an impression on everyone as well. Multiple people that night from different social circles came up to me to tell me: "Where's Pete?" "I love Pete!" "Pete's the best." It wasn't a huge surprise because he's the most popular guy in our family, but it was hilarious that my brother somehow managed to friend everyone at my wedding AND videotape/photograph the entire event all at the same time. I love my brother.

Pete had a good time with the boys!

Dan and I left the party before we got too tired to spend a little alone together. I am so glad that we did. We were starving, and we had some leftover food from our reception so we heated up everything in the microwave and had a little feast in our hotel room. We had plenty of leftover wedding cake but no knives to cut slices, so we just took a fork and ate it. We exchanged gifts and it was a really a perfect and romantic end to such a wonderful day.

"This is probably one of the best days of my life," I said to Dan.

"It's the best day," Dan said. "I used to think people were cheesy for saying that, but I didn't know better."

Pictures by Chris, Ara, and Meagan.

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Peter said...

I had such a great time and loved meeting all of your friends. We had a blast. Annette has a bunch of pics of Pat O'Brians but I don't think she posted them yet. I will give you a cd of all the pics(including Annettes)