Sunday, June 27, 2010

The last three weeks - in a nutshell

Back from the wedding & honeymoon, back to reality. As soon as I came back home, my phone started to ring and after months of work inactivity, I am now juggling three freelance jobs at once! I haven't worked five (plus) days a week since 2007 (I know, cry me a river). It's definitely an adjustment. I feel tired all the time and my free time is limited and all I want to do is eat chips (not a usual craving for me). I am going to take advantage of the opportunities and just work hard and make money and try to get our finances back in shape.
Hopefully things will come to a more normal pace in a few months.
Besides for working, the rest of our lives lately has looked something like this:

Dan has World Cup fever, and while I haven't been following along too intently, soccer is on the TV all the time in our apartment, so I get my fair share of vuvuzelas. It's put a bit of a damper on our social life. It's been the first nice June weather-wise in years, and we've been stuck inside watching games, saying no to plans. Dan even suggested we head to the beach this weekend (getting me extremely excited) until he realized we couldn't go because of the Germany v. Argentina game was far more important. Boo.

The first weekend of the World Cup, our friend Jason invited us and the poker people to a fancy lunch at The Modern to celebrate his 30th birthday.

We had a private room to ourselves and had a delicious meal and copious amounts of wine. The dessert was the greatest--it was dark chocolately-pistachio heaven.

The birthday boy.


We got out of there just in time to watch the second half of the USA v England game. Here's some fake cheering (for the picture's sake!)

The following weekend, my sister Annette came into town. Her friend A.J. (who wasn't there) treated us to brunch. (thanks!)

We went to see American Idiot on Broadway. Green Day's album is one of my favorites (maybe top ten all-time) and so I had to see the show even though it's been getting lukewarm reviews. Luckily, my sister was just as excited to go. I ended up LOVING it...although it's not for everyone. If you are not a fan of the music, don't bother.

Walking around Times Square, we bumped into The Naked Cowboy.

We then stumbled across this street performer handing out fliers. He was one of the most handsome men I have seen in a long time and look at that outfit! I asked if I could take his picture and this is the pose he gave me. He was such a ham.

Since we weren't going to the beach, this weekend I went home to New Jersey to finally pick up our wedding gifts and cards, and I was surprised to see that my mom had two of the same Mother's Day cards on her refrigerator.

I know I gave her one of them. Who gave the other? Apparently, me! Last year!

I even wrote the same message inside! I must have thought this was a really good Mother's Day card.

I went to visit my friends Stacy and Mike who had a baby girl the weekend of my wedding. (It's probably a good thing they didn't end up coming to New Orleans.) Her name is Juliana Grace and she's so pretty, even though in about 10 minutes time, she went from perfectly clean baby to a complete mess. We had to give her a bath.

Good thing she's so stinkin' cute that she can get away with this kind of stuff.

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Two Princes and a Dragon said...

welcome back. I can't wait to see you Mrs.! Great pictures at the Modern. I've done an event there before. Beautiful space.

Hope you get that beach day soon.