Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hanging Bridges

On Friday we went on another hike but this time we spiced it up with some suspension bridges.

These bridges were long and some of them were really high.

Don't look down!

It was a great way to see the tops of trees...

and offered some amazing views of the volcano.

We saw lots of greenery,

walked through a tunnel,

admired some cutter ants,

and laughed over waterfalls.

In the evening, we went to a hot spring that is naturally heated by the volcano. The most famous spring in the area is at spa called Tabacon, but we got the impression that it was targeted towards old, rich people. Baldi Hot Springs appeared to be aimed toward the party crowd, so we opted for Eco Termes which seemed the most low-key and romantic. There were five pools of water, each one higher in temperature than the next, and a small pool of cold water, which you could use to cool off in between pools. I thought the first pool was already pretty freakin' hot, so I insisted we get some frozen strawberry daiquiris at the honor-system bar, which carried me through the rest of the pools. That hot on the outside, cool on the inside combination felt really nice. We had dinner there, which was good, even though a cicada fell on my head. Ew!

The heated pools were a cool experience but I have to say the most relaxing part of the entire honeymoon is when I got a full-body massage at our hotel spa. You know that music they play in spas to relax you? Well, they didn't need any of that. They led me to a little hut with a crackling fireplace, and I listened to the sounds of the forest (and the occasional rumble of the volcano) while they rubbed me down. Now that was a highlight of the trip.


Susan said...

Great pictures, Yvonne!

Two Princes and a Dragon said...

sounds so fun and you look so cute - like a teenager.