Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I am a big planner. You should see some of the wedding spreadsheets and to do lists I have created. I have accounted for everything. It's borderline obnoxious. Just ask Dan.

But I never imagined that three weeks prior to my wedding day, I would be out sick with a strange and lingering illness for an entire week. It has really knocked my life out of order, and I am still not well yet. (I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get to the bottom of this). The thing I keep saying is that I am glad it is happening now and not in three weeks.

My photo project has been most affected by this illness, and while I tend to be an "all or nothing" kind of person and feel disappointed in myself for not keeping up as well as I should, I will not quit and will move forward despite my recent lackluster picture days. Here's my "whatever" picture I took on Friday, one of only three pictures I managed to take all day.

Day 20, 5/7/10

Moving on...

Even though I was still not well, I went to New Jersey this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. On Saturday, my mom and Annette went to my final wedding dress fitting, and then we shopped for miscellaneous wedding things, including some clothes for my sister.

Annette proved to be the perfect portrait model I have been looking for. She didn't really know about my 365 project but all I had to say was, "Hey, Annette, can I take some pictures of you outside?" and she was running out the door.

I told her to sit by the flowers and act natural.

This is what she gave me.

No, seriously, she was a natural. I think she looks gorgeous here.

Then we walked down the street and my sister plopped herself on this wet stone wall filled with leaves. (Anything for the perfect shot, right?) Everything was going perfectly until a car stopped next to us and the woman asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?" It turns out we were trespassing on her property!

Day 21, 5/8/10.

An exciting development is happening in my mom's backyard. Baby birds! My stepfather Tad has been watching them since they just wee eggs and hatched two weeks ago. It was very hard to get a good shot because they were in a weird angle, in such a dark space and were so well camouflaged (I think their parents did a good job protecting them!), but here's what I got...


On Sunday, I went to check in on them again. Again, picture conditions were difficult, especially since the sun was coming can't tell in the picture but this time I saw three little ones.

Day 22, 5/9/10.

I kept seeing the mother bird with food in her beak, and I wanted to get a National Geographic-style shot of her feeding the birds. It would be the perfect Mother's Day themed picture. But every time I came close, she would hide in the back of the tree and stand very still. It was about 40 degrees outside and I was freezing, so I put on my mom's bathrobe and just waited.

The mother bird wasn't having it. This is the closest I could get. My National Geographic shot will have to wait another day.

Here's my mom next to the flowers Annette and I got her for Mother's Day. She always plants pink flowers in her garden, but we thought she needed a little bit of yellow. Love you, Mom.

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Two Princes and a Dragon said...

There's so many comments about this blog - but I have to say I'm still laughing about you trespassing.

Annette looks beautiful.