Thursday, May 20, 2010

The last week

Everyone told me that the last month before your wedding is CRAAAZY. I was expecting something like a tornado sweeping my world (kind of like the state of my bedroom right now) but I haven't felt that sense of stress everyone warned me about which makes me wonder, is there something I am not doing that I should be?

Still, with a mere few days left until we head to New Orleans, and a couple of to-do's still on my list, I do admit that I am left wondering if it will all get done in time, while also taking pictures for my 365 project. (It's like this thing that I just can't cross off my list. Every day it reappears!)

I am feeling super excited, anxious, a little nervous.....but mostly, pinching myself that it's really happening. We've been planning this wedding forever and it always seemed like this far off thing and now it's here. Dan and I have already been watching the weather (early, I know!) and it looks to be a splendid sunny and hot 87-degree weekend! (crossing our fingers it stays that way!)

So can't write for long, got things to do, pictures to take.

Dan, with our dance instructor Tammy, getting his steps down for the big day.


Squeen said...

According to that picture, I suck at dancing. But photographic evidence doesn't really hold up, right?

Yvonne said...

what are you talking about? you look great.

Squeen's Bro said...

Proof is in the pudding. Right now, the evidence says you suck.