Friday, May 14, 2010

Drake's Photo Shoot

Heather and I decided to have a photo shoot with Drake, who is just days away from being six months old. It went something like this:

DRAKE: Pictures! I like pictures! Sure, you can take my picture!

DRAKE: Wait, you want me to sit like this? I know it's cute, but I can't sit up yet. Is this safe?
(Two seconds later, DRAKE topples over onto outstretched finger. DRAKE cries).

DRAKE: Alright, mom, this is getting dangerous and embarrassing. I don't want to take pictures anymore.
HEATHER: Just look at the camera, Drake.
DRAKE: But, mom, come on...this woman with this giant camera is starting to scare me.
HEATHER: Just look at the camera, Drake.
DRAKE: Moooommmm....


DRAKE: FINE! I'll look at the freakin camera. You happy now?

DRAKE: Okay, I am going to lie down and rest right here. Wait, you're still taking pictures? After that amazing performance I gave you? Well fine, I will stare at your frightening camera lens, but I will not show any expression. That's right, you will not penetrate my baby face.

DRAKE: Please to anyone who might be reading this. These crazy women just won't stop. I don't want to pretend I am looking out the window. I don't like their games. Get me out of here!!!!


Two Princes and a Dragon said...

My favorite post of the year (of course I'm partial!) You made me laugh. You really captured (and narrated) his moods throughout the shoot.

As usual, always an adventure with you.

Love these pictures, I'm stealing them.

JILL said...

These were great. I like the captions too. It rememinds me of my favorite commercial where the baby boys are on the plane the then captian tlaks that the baby boy in the back starts yelling dad, dad. and the one in the front tells him not that is the pilot. Those are in the same running as you shot.
love it and love you all