Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Update

Dan and I skyped with the Jacksons in Geneva over the weekend. So what have you been up to lately? they asked. Nothing.

We haven't spoken to them in months and we couldn't think of anything that has happened. It felt rather lame. Have we really been doing nothing? Impossible. It feels like it's been a lot of snow and snuggling and movies (or lately, the winter Olympics). Nothing much to report.

My freelance assignment ended last week. I was really bummed to leave. In four weeks, I had grown to like working there. Everyone was so nice in my send-off, giving me well wishes and I even got a thank you card. That means I am back in the job hunting mode, an all too familiar place, and I am just so, so tired of looking for a job. I feel more optimistic this time around, but I feel like this job hunting thing is like running a marathon and I am at mile 18 and it feels like there's still a long ways to go and it's never going to end.

I have been at the gym a lot. Five to six days a week--more often six--putting in my time. I am getting stronger and my pants are getting looser. I haven't changed my diet that much except that I cut out sweets and alcohol except for weekends, in moderation. I was reading or watching something about Michael Pollan talking about eating better and about indulging only on days that start with S. That's been working for me. And some times I break that rule too.

Valentine's Day, Dan and I were planning a quiet meal at home, but at the last minute decided to cross off something on our 100-things-to-do-list and head down to Curry Hill for some Indian food. We had a really nice meal with the exception of the man sitting next to us who spent an hour talking about himself to his dinner companions. We were definitely bored, so I can't imagine how they felt.

Heather had a birthday party on Saturday and so a bunch of girls landed at Alice's Tea Cup, where we enjoyed a wonderful selection of teas, scones, cakes, finger sandwiches. (It was a Saturday). If you are ever wondering where the women are in NYC, you can find them all at Alice's Tea Cup. Heather, who just gave birth three months ago, looks amazing and we all couldn't stop talking about her gorgeous mom boobs.

Me with the birthday girl.

Other than that, it's been a load of wedding planning which no one really wants to hear about, unless you are planning a wedding yourself or are the mother of the bride/groom. Just three months away....we're getting terribly excited. Dan was a little nervous about the Saints winning the Superbowl that maybe the city would burn down in all the excitement. But it seems like it's still there, in one piece, ready for us and our celebration.


Brian said...

I love Alice's Teacup! That's what I have in common with 10-year old girls.

Two Princes and a Dragon said...

Yeah for mom boobs. Too bad soon they will be rocks in socks or flappy pancakes :( Gotta love em while I have em.

Glad you could make it to my b-day. It was great to see your smile.

Courts! said...

Am I weirdly competitive because I'm relieved to hear you haven't talked to the Jacksons in months? I haven't talked to them much either, but I was feeling like maybe I was so disconnected to you all because of my crappy Skype-incompatible computer! I guess we're just adults n stuff.