Monday, February 22, 2010


Every year, I win the Oscar pool and part of my strategy is watching all the best picture nominees. This year, the Oscar people have decided to make things "interesting" by having 10 best picture nominees instead of 5, which means a whole lot of movie watching for me the last few weeks. (Consider the fact that I had only seen one of the movies when the nominees were announced--yikes!)

"You're not going to see all those movies, are you?" Dan said. Um....yes I am! That's just what I do.

With two weeks to go, I have seen 6 of the 10 movies with plans to view all 10 by March 7. I am definitely getting my money's worth from my Netflix this month. Dan might be a stronger competitor this year since he has seen many of the films with me. (He's just DYING to beat me, just once!)

Out of all the movies we have seen so far, both Dan and I were completely smitten by UP, which is a beautiful movie about love and loss and following your dreams and letting go. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Is it best picture worthy? You think I am going to tell you? Sorry, Charlie. (Or should I say, Sorry, Dan). I can't give away my secrets to Oscar pool domination.

Just go see it because it's good!


Ara said...

How do I join this pool?

Peter said...

We saw it this weekend. It was really good. Totally not what I exptected. Keep us posted on more recommendations:)