Monday, July 7, 2008

Tales of Inspiration.

Just wanted to announce that my Dad and my brother Pete have completed their bike trip across America. It took them 58 days to go from Los Angeles, CA to Denville, NJ. I have been following their trip religiously on their blog, watching the views from their bikes, their farmer's tans go from bad to worse, their bodies turning into skeletons. (My brother lost 21 pounds!) I am so proud of them for accomplishing this ride, especially my brother who has attempted a few times and failed, but never quit on his dream. (This is the third ride for my Dad). Many cheers and claps are in order.

Another person who has been inspiring me lately is my friend Adam. He wrote a script and is now filming his own movie. During my boring day job, I sneak peaks at his blog in awe and deep happiness that someone I know has created something out of nothing and that something is awesome. The other night, Dan and I had the chance to view his dailies and the takes looked amazing.

I am happy to be surrounded by all this positive energy! Dreams do come true!

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Peter said...

It's great to be back!!! I finally got caught up on "everyday ham". You appear to be in a great place in your life. I'm really happy for you and I can't wait to see you and catch up.
PS I can't believe 30 is right around the corner.