Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Danish are Here!

My favorite Danish family is visiting New York City this week, and I am so excited to see them and show them the city where I live!

I have been emailing Gerda for weeks now, thinking about places we should go, desserts we should try, things we should do together. I think I was more excited about their trip than they were!

Last night, we treated them to dinner to Ruby Foo's, forcing them to trek through the crowds of Times Square and then eat platefuls of sushi and dumplings and edaname and cakes. They seemed to like the torture.

Gerda, I love her, tells me how thin I look and then gives me a box of delicious Belgian chocolate from her neighborhood shop that I loved. I have no problem gaining all the weight back again if it means I get to eat that chocolate. (Okay, so I am REALLY hoping that I won't gain the weight back but still get to eat all the chocolate. I am going to try that experiment and tell you how it goes.)

It's so strange that nearly 7 months have passed since we saw each other last, and how my life is so different now. When I saw them last I was unemployed and stressfree, the only worry on my mind was a little homesickness. Now, I have work to my ears and my life is so regimented with work and exercise and things. Grass is always greener, I yearned for the way it was before. But seeing them again was like having a taste of that again.

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