Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Favorite People.

I love these Danish people. I really do.

In seven months time, since I have been back in the United States, I had forgotten how much I love Gerda and company, but they reminded me right away.

I love talking to Gerda and getting her perspective on life. I love Morten's jokes and appetite for all kinds of food. I love Anna's love of fashion and American pop culture. I love watching Katrine eat an adult-sized plate of just about anything and doing sprints across the subway platform. And I loved watching Dan fall in love with them, too.

Coming home from dinner on Thursday night, I felt so happy and energized and excited after seeing them. And after spending the weekend with them, the feeling just continued.

Saturday, we took a long stroll through Central Park (where Katrine took pictures with her pink camera of the squirrels) and I showed them Strawberry Fields and the Reservoir and all my favorite parts. The rain came, so we ducked into Bloomingdale's...and Urban Outfitters...and Victoria's Secret...and Levis (all Euros LOVE Levis, apparently because the jeans are so pricey over there). The American dollar is certainly at their advantage and they are taking advantage. Anna was positively glowing with all the new clothes she was getting, practically dancing when she came out of the dressing rooms to show us her new duds.

We had Patsy's pizza for lunch. It was amusing to see them all whip out their cameras to take pictures of the "massive" pizza. Katrine's eyes almost popped out of her head, and she shoveled down her appetizer salad as fast as she could as if the pizza were going to disappear before her eyes. (They thought the spaghetti and meatballs on the menu was hilariously American).

Ordering at Patsy's.

Then I showed them Dylan's Candy Bar to which Katrine exclaimed, "This is the most beautiful candy store I have ever seen!" I think Gerda was a little grossed out by the over-the-top American consumerism/junk food, but she took it in stride, even buying herself some marshmellows. Marshmellows don't come easy in Belgium.

Gerda and Katrine sampled the gummy brains.

We picked up Dan and then headed for dinner at Taco Taco in our neighborhood, and they got to see our apartment and eat some homemade dessert. (I made a strawberry shortcake, which they said reminded them of a Danish birthday cake).

Sunday, Dan and I woke up with full stomachs and joined the gang for brunch where we ate some more, afterwards making a mandatory pit stop at Magnolia Bake Shop for some cupcakes. Gerda said they were better than she expected, but I don't think she wants the recipe or anything. We walked through the Village and Soho, stopping at shops all along, and then breezed through Chinatown
, where we gave them a taste of some Chinese fish candy and crazy crowds. I think Morten really dug it, especially the juxtaposition of the very posh Soho to the down-and-dirty streets of Chinatown. Katrine spent a greater part of the day wiggling her very loose tooth.

Mini-me. Katrine taking pictures of cakes in Magnolia.

Anna has her Sex and the City moment with a Magnolia cupcake.

Crazy tooth killer.

When it was finally over, and Dan and I dropped the family off at the Natural History Museum and said our good-byes and when we were back home alone, Dan said, "I miss them already."

They haven't even left the city but so do I.

Let me just mention that besides for dinner on Thursday night, this family insisted on paying for everything for Dan and me, plus, they gave us the most fantastic box of Belgium chocolate (Dan and I both agreed it was the best chocolate we EVER had) and me a book to read for writing inspiration. So really, even though they visited us, I just have to thank THEM for a wonderful time and their generous hospitality.

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Anonymous said...

Than you ever so much! We have enjoyed every minute of our stay - mainly thanks to you guys. Went back to SoHo today - fell in love with Dean & Deluca, bought cool stuff for ME in Banana Rep. - and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at MOMA. Will be back for more - brace yourselves!
Big hugs from the daring danes