Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good News

This is the week where things are finally coming together.

1. I got a job working as a senior copywriter at a start-up weight loss company. In my new role, I will working on rebranding the entire company -- the web site, all promotional materials, packaging, all of it. It sounds like an interesting project, and the people were super cool. This is my first full-time job in four years. We get half-day Fridays so hopefully that should ease my way back to working five days a week again. I start the first week of April. So happy for the security and routine that will soon be coming into my life.

2. Our move is scheduled for March 31. (That's right, moving and starting a new job in the same week -- shouldn't be too stressful, right?) We will be hiring movers to take our fifty-or-so boxes from storage (aka Ara's parents house) to our new place in Santa Monica. We have no furniture, so last week we went out and purchased the most important items for our home: a bed and shelves to store the vinyl.

3. We booked a vacation! Dan is taking a looooong business trip to London in May. We decided to take advantage of having one airfare already paid for, so I will be joining him for the tail end of his trip to make a week-long vacation during our anniversary. (We're both taking some vacation days so he won't be working the whole time). I studied abroad in London in 2000 and haven't been back since. This will be Dan's first time. I am super excited to head back to Europe (it's been too long!) I can't wait to show Dan my old haunts and introduce him to HobNob cookie rolls. Dan wants to visit the Downton Abbey home, but it looks like it's not open the week we're there. I am sure we'll find some other way to occupy ourselves. Let me know if you think there's anything we should put on our must-see list.

4. I am calling 2012 the year of the baby. Everyone I know is expecting. Our dear friends Nell and Adam welcomed Theo on St Patrick's Day, and Josie and Scott from Visalia had Luke, their second, on 3/20. Congrats.

That's it for now!


Kunka. said...

Congrats! And Squeen works for the British Consulate. I'm sure someone can get you in to the Downton home.

Willy The Prince said...

Yippee! Glad I checked your blog today to find good news. Congrats.

I'm super excited for your trip. I'm totally there, I'd love to see the Downton home too.