Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting to Know Us

On Saturday night, our dear friends Brett and Emily threw one of their epic parties, and Dan and I are the guests of honor.

The party was called Meet The Pasquinis, and the whole idea of the party was for us to meet all of their great LA friends. Here is the invitation:

I have never had anyone throw me a party before, and I was so touched by all the people who showed up and all the thought that went into it. There was a bonfire, a nacho bar, a Pasquini martini (margarita drink), and a Suggestion Clown, or rather a scary-looking clown-shaped pinata where guests could write down their "What to do in LA" suggestions and insert them in his mouth. (We're thinking of breaking open the pinata at our future housewarming party--whenever we do find an apartment).

I have been sick with a mild cold the week prior, but about two hours before the party started, I came down with a case of laryngitis. Luckily, my changed voice stayed with me for most of the night, so I was able to talk to nearly everyone who came, but by the end of the night, I literally could not say another word and Dan had to do all the talking for me. I met so many nice people who had so many positive things to say about living in this city -- it really warmed my heart.

Thank you, Brett and Emily! (And to Anna, who lovingly crafted me a mini megaphone made out of a Styrofoam cup to help me speak up. It actually worked!)


Peter said...


Go Megaphone Girl!!!

Courts! said...

That sounds like an awesome party!! I wish I could have been there. But hey! I took the picture on the invite, so Courtney contributed in her own little way, like she does. :)

Brian said...

1. This warms my heart.

2. I would like a poster-size version of the invitation.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys have the best friends... And deserve it, too!