Friday, March 30, 2012

The DOM turns ONE

Last weekend, we went to Visalia for Dominic's first birthday party. Seems like just yesterday this little guy was born.

He's one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. He is always walking running around with a smile on his face!

Do you know what game Henry and Dan are playing? 

The theme of the party was construction. It was such a cute idea. The kids got plastic construction hats and tool belts to wear and tools to play with. We had build-your-own sandwiches and (my favorite) build-your-own cupcakes. I built three. And what is a party without a pinata. Here, Dominic with the help of mom Monica takes the first shot.

 I love the anticipation!

Michela gave it a shot, but she was sad that she couldn't break it. The honor went to the "big" girl in the green dress. (Meanwhile, Michela is pretty scared of Dan and me, and so she didn't really talk to us during the party. More like, she ran in the opposite direction anytime we looked anywhere in her direction. But the next day, we all became friends when we played bubbles together.)


My favorite part! The cake!

Tia (Kathy) and Tio (Jim) got Dominic the best gift of all. They gave him a yellow toy truck and concrete mixer that has been played with by all of the men in the family -- including Dan! Here they are admiring it, and remembering all the good times.

We'll be back in two weeks for Easter!

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Great pics, Yvonne!