Tuesday, February 7, 2012

June Bug

Meet my new friend, June. She is the three-month old daughter of our most recent landlords, Ara and Sandy.

It may seem like all she does is eat and poop and cry and sleep. But don't underestimate her. Life is pretty hard when you're a baby. Sometimes it feels like no one understands you. I get that. That's why June and I are buds.

I have never lived with a newborn before, and I am amazed how much a baby constantly changes. Everyday, she looks different to me. Her cheeks are growing plumper. Her face is filling out. By the end of our two week stay, she had so much more to say, and she started to reach out for toys. I tried to catch some of her first smiles on film.

There's one! It's probably because her mom insisted on putting this gigantic bow in her hair.

Silly mom!

1 comment:

Ara said...

That first pic is a mug shot of me, if I held a heist as a baby.