Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

Who would have thought that Dan would move all the way from New York City to Los Angeles only to get a job with the British government? It all seems far-fetched -- consider the fact he's not British and he's never been to the U.K. before. But I knew he could do it-- I was the one who convinced him to apply for the position. And ta-da! Dan got the job, and he started today. I am crossing my fingers that this might mean future travel to England, a meet and greet with Kate and Will or maybe a ticket to the Olympics. The most likely scenario? Dan's going to come home from work inspired to play British rock tunes on the record player and speak in a fake accent.

It's such a relief that after only one and a half months, one of us has a job. (Although I have to say, the freelance copywriting work has been trickling in quite steadily from New York, so I haven't felt too unemployed as of late).

With Dan's office being in Santa Monica and the locale of most of my job prospects being close by, we are likely to live on the west side of town so we don't have a hellish commute. Everything that people say about the traffic here is true. Driving across town on a daily basis could be considered an act of torture is some countries. (Where I come from, we get traffic because there is a car accident or road work or something. Here there is traffic, I can only surmise, because people want to get on and off highway exits. It's infuriating and doesn't make any sense and it takes forever.)

What's interesting is that before Dan and I came here, we always assumed we could live in Los Feliz, Pasadena or Altadena -- where the living is cheaper, our friends are closer, and where we could get a little cottage with a backyard for barbecues and gardening. Now, in order to be close to work, we are likely to be living in the posh side of town about an hour away from our friends (except the Kunkas-though they are moving soon) in (probably) an apartment. Sound familiar? Kind of repeats our living situation on the fancy Upper East Side where all of our friends were an hour away in Brooklyn. Why did we move again?

Oh, here's why. Do you know what is on the west side? The beach! I never thought this would happen to me, given my beach-phobe of a man, but it is very possible that I might live walking distance from sandy shores and ocean waves. I never considered that we would have that kind of lifestyle, and it's like a dream come true.

Photo by Jannev.

Dan is trying to convince me that his dream would be even more "far-out." Living in a yurt in the middle of the woods in Topanga Canyon. You know my husband secretly wishes he was a hippie.

Where would you rather live?

Earlier this week, Dan and I took a hike in Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon in Studio City.


Brother Squin said...

Yeah, I see an extended playing of "London Calling" in your future.

Instead of a yurt, how about former storage containers, stacked and set up near the beach? Everyone is a winner!

Brian said...

Congratulations, Squeen!

Courts! said...

YURT ON THE BEACH! Looks like I'm staying with y'all next time.