Tuesday, February 7, 2012

10 Things of Note

1. I took this amazing vegan cooking class at Spork Foods. Yes, I said vegan, as in no meat, eggs or dairy. The class was a Christmas gift from Dan. We made savory waffles, spiced cauliflower, lentil patties with a shallot topping and peanut butter pound cake. It is not my style of cooking, but the food was delicious. The two sisters who run the show are probably the nicest people ever. They actually hugged me good-bye when it was time to go. And I just met them like two hours ago.

2. Kayleen and Julien were in town for the weekend so we, along with their LA-based friends, headed to downtown LA (otherwise known as DTLA-- really?) for a trendy dinner at The Spice Table. Apparently downtown...er, DT...is the cool part of town nowadays. It was a cool spot, and Dan swears it served the best ribs he's ever had.

3. At dinner, Dan ranted about why he hates New Yorkers.

"Because they say, "How you doin', good?"....Let me tell you how I am doing. What, you can't wait the extra two seconds for me to say it?"

4. Downton Abbey: Season One marathon. I now know what all the hoo-ha is about.

5. Dan and I went to the DMV to get our California driver's license, and we had to take a written driver's test. Someone got a 100% (it wasn't me, but that person will gladly gloat about how well he did). The woman at the DMV almost gave me a beat down for trying to take my folder from her desk, but somehow I managed to pass (barely!) This means I can finally get my library card. YES!


Do you remember this very important
news item that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck took their dog on a walk in Brentwood? Yeah, well, I basically watched this event unfold in front my very own eyes, (if you turned the camera to the left, I would be right there). And yes, I am proud to be part of this monumental moment in history, wouldn't you be?

6. Job interviews. Yes, they've happened to both of us, on more than one occasion, for multiple positions. Glad to know that all this time, we haven't been sending our resumes out to a black hole. No actual jobs just yet. We're crossing fingers and toes that something pans out soon.

7. Many people think that Dan and I get along well, but we have taken a compatibility test on Nintendo Wii and we have discovered that we are not the most compatible couple of them all. That award, my friends, goes to Nate and Dan.

Let the bromance begin.

8. I don't like frozen yogurt, but Ara and Sandy took me to Menchies, where you can create your own sundaes. Besides Friendly's on the East Coast, they are the only place that offers a peanut butter sauce, which is perfectly enhanced with chocolate fudge, M&M's and pretzel pieces. You almost forget you're eating gross frozen yogurt.

9. I got my first LA haircut. It wasn't such a terrible experience, but I really missed my NJ hair dresser who I have been seeing for the last 10 years, and my hair partner in crime, Meagan. It's just not the same.

10. I really want to love it here, but I really miss home.

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Willy The Prince said...

Grass is always greener - I want out! lol Looks like you are having a great time little missy. Enjoy every adventure that comes your way.