Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for a day off.

Gosh, I am thankful that I don't have to work on Thanksgiving. (Remember: last year? I have such an appreciation for working for a company that is closed for the holidays).  Dan and I celebrated at my mom's house in NJ as we usually do.  Every year, my mom makes the same food and invites the same people, but that is a very good thing because the meal and company are always top notch. Our special guests this year were my aunt Marylka and her daughter Luba.

Mom started off the night with a speech.

The Madrzak family at the start of dinner. This is what hungry looks like.

Sitting side by side, Ciocia Marylka and Babcia could be mistaken for sisters. Who would have thought?

The table is full of the usual, delicious suspects (mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberries, corn, stuffed cabbage, pork, pierogi, polish salads, etc), but something's missing. THE TURKEY! Earlier that day, Mom cooked two turkeys using rotisserie ovens in the basement. Everything was going according to plan until she went to check on them and saw that the fuse had blown, the ovens were shut off and the turkeys were not ready! Mom downed a gin and tonic and decided to serve dinner without the turkey and stuffing or else everything would get cold. (They arrived to great fanfare 15 minutes later).

Not a huge deal, though. This was my plate BEFORE the turkey and stuffing came out. (I somehow managed to save some room).

As usual, there were plenty of leftovers...which meant turkey sandwiches for days...YUM.

After dinner, we had a choice of NINE desserts and fruit. I came this-close to making Chris Nowak's pecan pie, but I had already bought the ingredients for this golden brown butter and pecan praline tart so that was my contribution instead. (I will make Chris' recipe another time). I am happy to report that it was the first dessert to go.  People can't say no to browned butter.

Ted contemplates nine desserts.

Mom told me that because of the "turkey fiasco" (it was not a fiasco), my sister and I will be cooking Thanksgiving next year, but I don't believe her. Although I would love to do it. Here's Pete and Iza on the couch. This is what full looks like.

After dinner, Dan suffered from full body pain that led to shoulder pain. I think that was a first. As we digested on the couch, Martina entertained us by posing as a model.

Then she wanted to pose with my sister and me.

And then she tried to climb on Dan's head.

It was a happy Thanksgiving.


Ara said...

Looks fun, at least Dan didn't try to eat this child, on account of being full I suppose.

Heather said...

P.S. I almost forgot that you worked at the news station.

P.S. Love that last picture of Dan.