Monday, November 22, 2010


Dan and I have turned into hermits this month. Our social calendar has been fairly sparse for the last few weeks, and we've been keeping ourselves busy with work, take-out and Family Ties on the Hub.  Dan loves it. As much as my man enjoys going out with his friends, nothing gives him more pleasure than spending the entire weekend cooped up at home in his pajamas.

This past weekend, our biggest excitement was when we picked up a bottle of Beaujolais, a baguette and a hunk of brie from the store--just because. We aren't the type who do that very often. Dan lit some candles in the apartment and put on an Edith Piaf record, and it was like we were sitting in our very own French cafe. After one drink, I dozed off on the couch. I'm romantic like that.

November is flying by so fast. The short days are making me so lazy. I have slept through many a morning workout. It's also affecting the 365 project. By the time I leave work, the sun is already setting, and so my time is limited for picture-making outside these days. Trying to take some non-blurry night photography without flash or a tripod has been an interesting challenge.

Friday, Julie, Meagan and I got together for our monthly homemade dinner. Here is the sick view from Julie's apartment. Same view last time I came over (from her rooftop). This picture is still not perfect, but I've improved, right? My trick for photography geeks: Last time, I held the camera in my hands and used a fast shutter speed to avoid blur. (Not too effective). This time, I placed the camera down on a makeshift tripod (the railing) so that my camera was nice and steady, and then I used a long exposure so that more light came through the lens and created the starburst effect on the lights. I learned about it from Nell.

This picture seems a bit spooky to me.

Took this after work today. Home after dark, sigh.

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Heather said...

cool pictures. that last one looks like there are alien jellyfish in the sky.