Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monkeying Around with Drake

This Saturday was my friend Drake's first birthday party.

Dan and I were the first guests to arrive, so I snapped this before the guests arrived. Doesn't a year go by fast? Drake is now a man. He even walks!

His mom Heather told us that she had food poisoning from the night before and was feeling under the weather, but with all the food ordered, the entertainment booked and the guests coming, she couldn't cancel now. Look at this adorable sock money themed table. It looks like a Martha Stewart magazine spread.

The cake!

When all the guests arrived, we headed to Drake's room for a little sing-a-long.

Drake was a little suspicious about all the fun and games. The other kids seemed into it.


The birthday boy was happiest when he was with Daddy.

Fellow non-moms in the house.

Dan contemplates parenthood or birthday cake. Um, probably birthday cake.

Don't make me eat it, Mom.

Everyone goes home with a sock monkey!

P.S. Despite Heather's stellar event planning skills, everyone at the party, including Dan and I, ended up getting the stomach bug the next day. Of course, Heather feels absolutely terrible, and yet, I told her that it was still a great party and it will always be memorable for everyone who attended! In years to come, we will laugh about it. (We all feel better now!)


Jessica said...

Great photos, Yvonne! The captions are super clever too. Hope to see you neighbors soon!

Heather said...

Oh man, that ebola virus was a killer. Came on fast and furious. I'm so sorry I gave you some pain. Thanks for coming to monkey around with the Drake. :)

nellsdish.com said...

Such cute photos Yvonne! Sucks about the bug... it looks like Heather worked so hard! What an adorable birthday party!